10 Steps for a Happy & Healthy fall Posted on September 19, 2016 by , 0 comments

Fall is the perfect time to clean up and reorganize your life and yourself. With a little bit of prep work and planning you can take this change in the seasons and use it to enhance what you have, clear out what no longer need, and set you and your family up for a wonderful fall and winter. Here is our 10-step guide for a happy and healthy fall season:

  1. Sleep:

Cooler temperatures mean it’s time to take a good look at your sleeping environment. Science has shown that better sleep results from a cooler room. Take the time to strip the bed, clean the linens and find the blankets and covers that will support a warm, cozy sleep in a cool and peaceful room.

  1. Clean:

Just like there is spring cleaning, there is also fall cleaning. Curtains, carpets, countertops—clean it all. And don’t forget the filter for the furnace. That air filter needs to be changed at least once a year to ensure clean, healthy air for you and your family.

  1. Foods:

Take this opportunity to clear out the fridge and pantry of any and all foods that don’t support your health or weight management goals. Donate this food to your local food pantry instead of throwing it away. Then stock up on all your healthy fall favorites. Get ready to avoid the sweet temptation of fall drinks and baked goods by having the ingredients necessary to make healthier fall-inspired recipes at home.

  1. Clothes:

If you haven’t worn them in a year, pack them up and get rid of them. The average wardrobe should contain forty items or fewer. Review your closet, come up with the outfits you want to wear this fall, and make a list of pieces you may need to buy to complete your look. And don’t forget the accessories! Once you have your fall wardrobe assembled, box up the summer clothes for next year and donate the leftovers. You will also want to pull out your winter gear and make sure it’s in top shape for when the snow hits.

  1. Hair:

Cooler temperatures mean different needs for your hair. Make an appointment to see your stylist and review what products you may need to use (or stop using) to ensure healthy tresses and the style you want.

  1. Skin:

Review your skincare regimen and evaluate whether or not it’s time for a facial or a different moisturizer. Fall is also a really great time of year to make an appointment with a dermatologist for a full body scan. Skin cancer affects more than 58 million people a year—take advantage of the ‘slow’ season to get an appointment to get checked out.

  1. Winterize your house:

Put away the lawn furniture, cover the pipes, put the heavy curtains up, check the weather stripping on the doors and windows—all of this prep work translates to lower energy bills, leaving you more money and time for fun fall and winter activities.

  1. Supplement regimen:

Cooler temperatures also impact your health. With kids back in school you’ll want to make sure your immune system is supported and you have plenty of vitamins on board to help support your overall health. If you aren’t already taking Body Regime®, add this to your routine to help support your weight management goals.

  1. Check in with yourself and your goals

Take the time to sit down and look at what you have accomplished during the year so far and what you would like to do this fall and winter. Are you hitting your weight loss goals? Is it time for a different workout? Maybe time to start training for that half marathon coming up this spring? Come up with what you need, write it down, and then go do it!

  1. Overhaul that calendar

That being said, once you have revamped your goals, make sure you have the time and space available to do them. Get organized and schedule your days on a calendar. 

How do you get ready for fall? Tell us in the comments below!