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Our weekly blog series continues with profiles of each ingredient found in Body Regime™. This week we are discussing the benefits and history of Green Coffee Bean extract.

People have used coffee for centuries to help support healthy weight management. With or without caffeine, people have found that they could experience beneficial effects by including a cup or two of coffee a day into their diets. But it wasn’t until recently that modern science was able to reveal just how coffee seemed to do so much for our health.*

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Chlorogenic Acid

Just what causes coffee to be so effective for supporting healthy weight management was a mystery for years. Researchers finally discovered the secret was in Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), a substance that can be isolated from coffee—whether caffeinated or decaffeinated. CGA may help promote healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range, which in turn helps to promote a balanced appetite. Ultimately, the end result is that it helps support healthy weight management.*

The Formula:

Body Regime™ combines CGA from Green Coffee Bean extract into its complex whole health weight management supplement to help support healthy blood sugar processing and to help maintain a reasonable appetite—without the unnecessary side effects of caffeine.

Of course, balanced appetite is only a single piece in the weight management puzzle. One shouldn’t take CGA by itself without supporting all the other body systems involved in a lifestyle of healthy weight management. Body Regime™ combines CGA with other key ingredients that promote balanced mood, encourage a healthy metabolism, and help maintain healthy energy levels. It’s the synergy of all these effects that are responsible for Body Regime’s long-term effects.*

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