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Our weekly blog series continues with profiles of each ingredient found in Body Regime™. This week we are discussing the benefits and history of Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Of all the natural health ingredients known to man, green tea has been and continues to be one of the most popular throughout history. Native to Asia, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water.

Green, black, and oolong teas all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Green tea leaves are unfermented, oolong are partially fermented, and black is completely fermented. The more the tea leaves are fermented, the fewer polyphenols are available. Polyphenols are potent antioxidants classified as catechins. There are six main catechin compounds found in green tea, including EGCG, the most studied of the group.*

Throughout the centuries green tea has been used to support energy levels, cardiovascular health, mental clarity and focus, digestive health, and to help support healthy weight management. However not everyone has wanted or needed the caffeine that comes with green tea.*

Decaffeinated green tea extract has become a popular and stimulant-free option to help support a health weight while at the same time helping to maintain energy levels—without any jittery effects. Combinations of green tea extract and L-theanine, like that found in Body Regime™, can promote theta waves in the brain—which indicate calm focus and concentration.*

The Formula:

Body Regime™ combines green tea leaf extract into its complex weight management supplement to help support energy levels and provide the benefits of EGCG without the unnecessary side effects of caffeine. Green tea leaf extract alone is probably not enough to provide dramatic support for healthy weight management, but its mood and energy benefits fill in a crucial piece of the weight management puzzle.*

We pair green tea leaf with other ingredients known to provide additional support for balanced appetite as well as nutrients that help maintain optimal metabolism and thermogenesis. It’s the combination that creates a synergetic spiral of good health. Supporting optimal metabolism is great—but it’s even better when you also have optimal energy levels and a healthy sense of mental clarity. You’re more likely to exercise and commit to good lifestyle choices when you feel your best!*

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