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In our weekly blog series we have been profiling each ingredient found in Body Regime. This week we are ending this series with benefits of COQ10.

Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10 is a naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamin-like substance that helps the production of ATP, a molecule the body needs to transfer energy. This process then provides energy to cells. Of all the energy production in the human body, 95% is attributed to ATP. As we age, the human body produces less COQ10. While small amounts of COQ10 can be absorbed through eating some meats and seafood, the main outside source of COQ10 is supplementation. The supplementation of COQ10 as we age can help support not only heart and circulatory health, but cognitive health as well.

Early studies have found that supplementing with COQ10 may help promote healthy blood glucose levels, a factor that contributes greatly to healthy weight management. Additional research suggests that COQ10 may help promote heart healthy, thereby supporting overall cardio health.

The Formula:

Body Regime™ combines COQ10 into its complex weight management supplement to help promote weight management and to support overall cardio health. When combined with other key ingredients that support appetite and mood, weight management goals are better understood and supported.*

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