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Tired of Wonder Pills That Don’t Work? – Why single ingredient solutions are unsuccessful for so many people; how strategic blends work better

Appetite, mood, and metabolism are three systems in the body with three very different needs. So often people who have constant hunger pains will reach for a stimulant that will suppress their appetite, completely ignoring their metabolic needs. Others may find that they “stress eat” and will turn to a product that is purported to address hormone or mood regulation but does nothing for their appetite or metabolism. Addressing one system in the body and ignoring the others will not lead to weight management success. In some cases, reaching for a single ingredient fix can even lead to weight gain.

But why is this the case? Shouldn’t a single-ingredient appetite suppressant work? Or wouldn’t a single ingredient supplement that supports metabolic health lead to better weight management? The body is a complex and unique environment with different systems that do not work independently. Rather, metabolism, appetite, and mood are all interconnected yet each has their own needs. That means that you cannot just address one system in the body with one ingredient—you have to look at all three systems and their unique needs. A product with a single ingredient that only helps with metabolism will only work for someone whose challenge is primarily metabolic in nature.

Often weight management goals are affected by multiple challenges in different body systems. Changes in mood can lead to cravings. A drop in metabolism can be caused by a decrease in key nutrient absorption while an increase in metabolism can lead to an increase in appetite. By fueling these systems with the right balance of ingredients, you are supporting your whole health and weight management goals.

Body Regime’s Whole Body Support for Healthy Weight Management products are designed to support each of these systems:


Garcinia cambogia fruit extract – Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels already in the normal range*

L-Carnitine – Supports healthy muscle-building activity*

Conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) – Supports healthy thermogenesis (fat burn)*

Raspberry ketones – Supports healthy metabolism*

L-Tyrosine – Promotes healthy athletic performance*


Green coffee bean (GCB) extract – Supports balanced appetite (stimulant-free)*

Bitter orange fruit extract – Promotes balanced appetite and maintains healthy blood glucose levels*


Green tea leaf extract – Promotes healthy energy levels*

L-theanine – Promotes balanced mood*

Coenzyme Q10 – Supports healthy energy levels*

A strategic and successful blend will provide ingredients that influence appetite, metabolic processes, and even mood. Body Regime understands that the processes in the body are not independent, but are rather influenced by each other. By supporting metabolism, appetite, and mood with the right ingredients harmony can finally be brought to these systems in the body.*

Body Regime™ is that intelligent blend. Learn more and try it today!

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