Fit for Fall: Our favorite cooler weather exercises Posted on October 18, 2016 by , 0 comments

Fall weather is the perfect reason to revamp your exercise routine. With kids back in school, and new classes at the gym, it’s a time to try something new. Now is the time (at least until the holidays hit) where we can dedicate more time to our workouts and ourselves. Here is a list of our favorite Fall weather exercise options. Find what works for you and get out there!

Lift it:

Of all the seasons, Fall is the most generous with it’s time. The holidays have not yet arrived and there are fewer parties and events than during the Summer. This is a great reason to up your weight-lifting routine at the gym. Start slow (no reason to get hurt) with a lifting program that will change up your routine and get you looking your best for all those family photos this winter.

Rediscover the pool:

That’s right—the pool. The weather is always just right at the indoor pool. Swimming is a great workout, but you can also do a series of yoga moves in the pool to help strengthen your core and increase your balance.

Jogging or running:

For those of you who don’t jog or run during the summer months (mosquitos, humidity, heat, traffic), the Fall is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things. Check with your local running club to see if there is a class you can join. Also make sure your running shoes are still in good shape, be it pavement running or trail running.

Find your Zen:

Many yoga and meditation centers run classes on a quarterly basis. Check in to see if a new round of classes is set to begin. With a little practice, you’ll be emotionally as well as physically ready when the holidays finally hit.

At home:

Don’t have a gym membership or foul weather got you housebound? Discover a workout you can do from home. While there are plenty of workouts you can find online (see YouTube), you can also look into subscribing to website, buying a DVD, or using an app. By getting into an at-home routine you will be travel ready and less likely to miss a workout even when out of town.

What exercises do you do during the Fall? Tell us in the comments below!