How de-cluttering and minimizing can help you manage your weight Posted on December 12, 2016 by , 0 comments

De-cluttering has become a big thing since Marie Kondo hit the market with her bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While the premise isn’t about weight management, the lessons found therein can absolutely be applied to diet and exercise. And really, you don’t even need the book to get started (although it’s a fabulous read and you should totally give it a shot). Here are our tips for de-cluttering for a better you this winter:

Start in the kitchen

Out of sight, out of mind can kill a diet. If you buy healthy foods or supplements but you put them where you can’t see them, you’re less likely to make the right dietary choices at meal times. Hit your kitchen hard—get a garbage can and start filling it up with anything and everything that does not support your weight management goals (if it’s unopened, score some good Karma points and donate it). After the fridge, pantry, and cabinets have the health food in order, start in on the pots, pans, and cooking appliances. If it’s a pain in the backside to get the blender out to make smoothies, streamline this process and put the appliances on the counter. Same goes for a tea kettle or rice cooker—anything you use to make healthy, homemade meals should be easily within reach.

Attack your closet

Your workout gear should also be close at hand and organized. You are much more likely to get to the gym if you can get to and find all of the things you need for a great workout in one place. Have a box for swim gear, another for running, one for hiking, and so on. There can’t be any stress or excuses if all of your gear is there and ready to go. And, of course, toss out any gear that is old or in the way. Basically, anything that gets between you and the things you need to succeed has to go.

Evaluate what does and doesn’t serve you

Once your closet and kitchen are primed and de-cluttered, take a look around your life as well. Are you enjoying a little too much Netflix? Delete that app. Too much time sitting on your butt looking at Facebook? Maybe get that app off your phone and only visit when you’re at your laptop. Reversely, can you simplify your diet or exercise routine by adding an app that helps to encourage better weight management?

You can also look at the people in your life—are they helping or hurting your weight management goals?

Beyond the kitchen, the closet, and your social circles, what else can you do to turn down the noise and support your weight management goals? With less clutter and fewer obstacles success can come much faster—it just takes a little bit of organization and patience.

How do you de-clutter to improve your daily life and support your weight management goals? Tell us in the comments below!