Post holiday season overhaul: Time to get back on track Posted on February 13, 2017 by , 0 comments

The holidays are, without a doubt, the best excuse to let it all slide—workouts, self-care, hobbies, sleep, and goals. But, with the holidays truly out of the way we can get back on track and focus on the foundations of our lives: our health, our work, and our relationships. Read on for our tips to evaluate these three key areas of your life and make plans to get back on track in record time. 


If you haven’t been to a healthcare provider in a while and you don’t know what your numbers are, now is the time to do it. Your healthcare provider can help you establish where you are in terms of blood sugar, cholesterol, heart rate, and weight. Once you know where you are, you can plan what needs to be done. Visit a gym, nutritionist, or a naturopath to come up with a diet and exercise plan that suits your age and lifestyle for optimal health. If you have weight management goals for 2017, be sure to ask your healthcare provider about Body Regime. We have a Buy 2, Get a 3rd Free special AND a 30 day money-back guarantee. Just use code “RADIO” at checkout. 

Next, check in with your mental health. How are you coping with stress and change in your life? Are your coping mechanisms healthy or harmful? Take a moment to do a stress map and come up with ways of tackling each stress that will improve rather than impede your health. A stress map is easy: Take a blank piece of paper, write the word ‘stress’ in the middle, and then arrange each area of stress in your life on the page as it relates to a greater or lesser stress. For example, if finances are the biggest stress in your life, this topic will be placed closest to the word ‘stress’. If your job is going well and not a great source of stress, place is on the page furthest from the word ‘stress’. Once you have mapped out these areas you can evaluate steps you can take to reduce the stress and turn each into an opportunity.


For many jobs, things tend to ramp up after the first of the year. And while the organization you work for may be doing evaluations and setting goals, so should you. Take the time to examine your roles at your job and rate each one according to satisfaction. Identify areas that could be improved upon and then come up with a plan. For example, if you feel that the first hour of your day is chaotic and comes at you like a firehouse, brainstorm ways you can control the chaos. Do you need more organization within your self or on your team? Would planning the following day at the end of each workday cut down on the stress in the morning?

Then look at your goals. Yes, there maybe be goals set for you by your boss, but what types of goals are important to you? Write them down, plan how you achieve them, and then set a timeline.


Our personal relationships also seem to take a hit during the holidays. Family events, travel, and parties can take time away as well as wear us out. Check in with your significant other to see what their opinion is of your relationship. Schedule a date night or plan a weekend away just to reconnect and relax.

What do you do after the holidays to get your life back on track and reestablish good habits and routine? Tell us in the comments below!