Top 5 Ways to Tame Cravings and Stick To Weight Loss Goals Posted on August 29, 2016 by , 0 comments

There is nothing more frustrating than being hungry and on a diet. You want to maintain your dietary integrity, stick to your plan and reach your goals; you want to be good. But then there are cravings, and hunger, and temptation and before you know it you are halfway to the bottom of an ice cream container and a pity party.

Hunger and cravings are going to happen. But just as we plan our meals, supplement routines (with Body Regime), and exercise, we also have to plan how we will tame cravings and stick to our weight loss goals. We have come up with a list of tips and tricks that will help you get past the hunger and on to your goals. You really can do it—you just have to plan.

1.) Hydrate

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Before you do or eat anything, reach for a tall glass of water. Drink it down, wait a bit, and reassess whether or not those hunger pangs are legitimate or not.

2.) Wait it out

Are you bored? Or maybe upset about something? Sometimes cravings and hunger are related to an emotional state as opposed to real hunger. Distract yourself with a game, phone call to a friend, a favorite show, or play with your kids for twenty minutes. If you still feel hungry, try taking a walk. Which leads us to…

3.) Exercise

A little exercise can do a lot to banish a craving or reduce hunger. Even something as light as a twenty-minute walk around the neighborhood can uplift your mood and turn your mind to other things. Research has shown that exercise impacts the hormone ghrelin, which helps regulate hunger. Exercise may also help promote the hormones that help you feel satisfied.

4.) Sleep

We have been over this before (just recently in fact). If you sleep well you will have more energy to exercise, boost your metabolism, and be in the right mindset to reach for healthy, diet-approved foods instead of junk. When we are tired, our bodies seek out additional calories to keep us moving. And those calories we crave when we’re tired are usually in the form of fat, sugar, salt, carbs or a combination of all of the above. Get your sleep so you can tackle your day instead of crash your diet.

5.) Trick your tummy

If you have tried all of the above but still need to tame your cravings so you can stick to your weight loss goals, try to trick yourself into feeling full. Green tea, flavored waters, decaf coffee, lemon juice, herbal tea, and even apple cider vinegar can help suppress your appetite until it’s time for the next meal. Plan ahead by making a pitcher of your favorite low-calorie, appetite suppressing drink and keeping it ready to go in the fridge. When a craving hits, you can reach for it and stick to your weight loss goals. 

How do you beat cravings and stick to your weight loss goals? Tell us in the comments below!