Yes—you need to cool down after your workout, here’s why: Posted on December 19, 2016 by , 0 comments

It can be so temping to skip the warm up and cool down parts of a workout, especially if you are in a hurry. If given the choice, most people will do a warm up, but ignore the cool down entirely. This is not the best idea. While you can avoid injury and stress on the body through a proper warm up, you’ll do the same with a good cool down.

Why you need a good cool down

Exercise increases our body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and vasodilation. That’s great—it means that your body is working. But if you suddenly stop and don’t give the heart and lungs a chance to gradually decrease intensity you could end up dizzy, sick to your stomach, or even pass out. The body is like a freight train and you can’t just ask it to stop on a dime—it won’t.

Pick a good cool down

Your cool down portion of your workout should reflect the warm up. If you started your run with a light jog, end it with a light jog and then a walk. If you started your swim with easy laps before going full force, go back to the easy laps and maybe do a little bit of pool walking. The point is to spend the right amount of time doing the cool down to bring your body’s stats back to normal. 

And ‘normal’ isn’t the same for everyone. Check with the American Heart Association or your doctor to determine what your resting and active heart rates should be. 

Make it a habit

It can be so tempting to just treat the walk to the locker room as your cool down, and that may have been your habit for years, but now that has to change. We have to do the same action about six times or so before it becomes a habit. Keep that in mind as you learn to implement cooling down into your workout routine.

How do you cool down after your workout? Tell us in the comments below!