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The Science

Body Regime’s Chief Formulator has studied human metabolism for over thirty years. We base our product formulations on scientific findings and a respect for the interactions between multiple systems in the human body.

True whole health means that both the mind and body must be supported in harmony. That’s why Body Regime™ uses diverse herbs, vitamins, and nutrients with far-reaching whole body effects to support you from the inside out.* 

Body RegimeTM Family of Products

Body Regime™ Whole Body Support for Weight Management  

Body Regime™ Whole Body Support for Weight Management 

This unique, multifaceted approach to weight management was based on over 30 years of research and knowledge. It contains 10 nutrients and botanicals that synergistically supports your mood, appetite, and metabolism to achieve your weight loss goals.  

Skin Care  

Body Regime™ Skin Care – Tablet and Softgel 

Only our carefully formulated dual tablet and softgel system provides the nutrient support your skin needs in the right delivery form. The tablet contains water-soluble botanicals and antioxidants to promote your skin’s clarity. The softgel is the other half your skincare solution, with fat-soluble vitamins and omegas that maintain youthful-looking skin.* 


Our Company

Body Regime™ is manufactured in the U.S.A. Our manufacturing facility is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and NSF certified. We’re based in New York, and you can reach us anytime by emailing


Body Regime!

  • Gentle, Balanced, and Effective
  • Revolutionary ingredient blend to support balanced APPETITE, MOOD, and METABOLISM.*
  • Whole-istic Weight Management!