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Body Regime® Skin Care System

Complete dermal support in a synergistic softgel and tablet formula.

Why does Body Regime® Skin Care System cost so much?

We’re often asked about the cost of the Body Regime® products. Many customers are surprised to hear that, when compared to buying each ingredient separately, Body Regime® products are dramatically less expensive.

Providing synergistic ingredients, Body Regime® Skin Care System is dramatically less expensive than purchasing each nutrient and herbal ingredient separately. You won’t need to take any other supplements to support your dermal health.*

It’s so much easier than juggling multiple supplement bottles. Imagine how many tablets and softgels you would take if you took all ingredients separately. Healthy skin isn’t a result of any single “wonder ingredient.” It is the combination of both water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients and herbs that lead to healthy, glowing skin.

Body Regime® understands this. That’s why Body Regime® Skin Care System provides such a diverse blend to support multiple systems throughout your body to promote youthful, glowing skin.* A one-month supply of Body Regime® costs <<insert cost>>. That’s a potential savings of <<insert cost difference>> per month!



Supplement Category                       Cost Per Month                     Daily

Vitamin A                                           $5.50                                       1

Vitamin D3                                         $17.59                                     2

Biotin (as D-Biotin)                            $17.40                                     1

Zinc (from Zinc Orotate)                    $10.80                                     1

Selenium (from L-Selenomethionine)$6.00                                        1

Wheat sprout concentrate**               N/A                                        

Dark Berry Blend                               $24.30                                     3

Green Tea Extract                               $32.40                                     3

Trans-Resveratrol                                $17.40                                     1

Turmeric                                              $22.20                                     2

Grape Extract                                      $10.50                                     1

Milk Thistle                                         $4.50                                       1

Echinacea Root Extract                      $11.70                                     1

Burdock Root Extract                        $2.70                                       1

Dandelion Leaves Extract                  $9.30                                       1

PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid)     $3.30                                       1

Tomat-O-Red                                      $16.20                                     1


Supplement Category                       Cost Per Month                     Daily

Coenzyme Q10                                   $32.40                                     1                                

Vitamin E                                            $8.70                                       1                                 

Fish Oil Concentrate (EPA/DHA)      $38.00                                     2                     

Borage Oil                                           $12.90                                     1         

Organic Flaxseed Oil                          $3.30                                       1                                 

Sunflower Lecithin                             $34.80                                     1                     

TOTAL:                                 $341.79                        29

Affordable and Whole-istic dermal support in one easy to use system. Body Regime® Skin Care System includes the right combination of fat-soluble and water-soluble nutrients:

  • Softgel
  • Youthful, Glowing Skin*
  • Omega-3 Blend, Vitamin E, and Coenzyme Q10 for Skin Hydration and Antioxidant Support*
  • Tablet
  • Healthy Clear Skin*
  • Rejuvenating Botanicals and Skin Care Vitamins for Healthy Detoxification*

Body Regime!

  • Gentle, Balanced, and Effective
  • Revolutionary ingredient blend to support balanced APPETITE, MOOD, and METABOLISM.*
  • Whole-istic Weight Management!