The Body RegimeTM Philosophy: Whole-istic Weight Management*

3 Ways to End the Rollercoaster For Good and Work WITH Your Body

Too many weight management products rely on miracle ingredients. You’ve tried that roller-coaster, and no wonder the results were disappointing. Single ingredient products always run the risk of working really well for a friend, but doing nothing for you. With Body Regime™, there’s hope!

1. Start with a whole-istic approach.

We’re all unique. Just as every person has slightly different nutritional needs, we all have slightly different needs when it comes to reaching weight management goals. At Body Regime™, our formulation team understands this. Supplying not just one, but 10 science- supported, balanced ingredients, Body Regime™ supports three core pathways:

Your body is intelligent. Support that intelligence to reach your goals.

2. Aim for long-term, well-balanced and steady weight management.

Body Regime™ conveys balanced, gentle, steady support. It does not convey instantaneous effects. The formula wasn’t meant to. During long-term use—at least three months—it promotes steady support for weight management.*

This is vital for ending the roller coaster that has been so stressful for your body. You want to achieve your goals and maintain them for years. That’s our formulation goal too. This approach is SO much healthier for all your body systems and major organs.

Body Regime™ was designed to retrain the body’s innate and habitual systems including appetite response and mood. The end result is a long-term, healthy weight management that feels good physically and mentally.*

3. Ditch the caffeine!

Too many products rely on caffeine. The side effects are often too uncomfortable to take the product for any significant length of time. It hardly feels natural.

At Body Regime™ we don’t like it either, and we’ve found they’re not only unnecessary, they’re entirely unhealthy. We’re into equipping your body instead.

Body Regime™ uses Green Coffee Bean (GCB) extract that is naturally decaffeinated. It contains a trace amount of caffeine but not enough to cause any effects. Instead the effects come from GCB’s naturally occurring chlorogenic acid (CGA) which is known to support a balanced appetite without any jitters. All our other ingredients are gentle and effective too.* See Full Ingredient Benefit List


Help maintain healthy blood glucose levels already in the normal range*

Support healthy muscle-building activity*

Support healthy thermogenesis (fat burn)*

Support healthy metabolism*

Promote healthy athletic performance*


Support balanced appetite (stimulant-free)*

Helps balance appetite and help maintain healthy blood glucose levels


Promote healthy energy levels*

Promote balanced mood

Support healthy energy levels*

With Body Regime™, you’ll discover a new way of being. You’ll have the support you need for a balanced appetite and healthy metabolism, as well as optimal mood and energy levels. Those are the tools you need to make healthy choices every day—and see those choices yield real results.*


Body Regime!

  • Gentle, Balanced, and Effective
  • Revolutionary ingredient blend to support balanced APPETITE, MOOD, and METABOLISM.*
  • Whole-istic Weight Management!